Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of ceiling tiles are available?

The two most popular sizes for ceiling tiles are 595mm x 1195mm and 595mm x 595mm. The suspended ceiling grid is pre-notched so will either be installed at 600mm or 1200mm centre’s, hence the ceiling tiles are 5mm smaller than the aperture to fit in.

However before ordering any ceiling tiles, we would recommend taking a ceiling tile down and accurately measuring it in either centimeters or millimeters, particularly if you have an old suspended ceiling (20+ years), as we used to make the suspended ceiling grid 4ft x 2ft and 2ft x 2ft and cut the ceiling tiles 1210mm x 605mm and 605mm x 605mm.

Hopefully your ceiling tiles will be metric 595mm x 595mm or 1195mm x 595mm, however should you have the old imperial ceiling tiles 605mm x 605mm or 1210mm x 605mm just let us know before ordering, as we have had these ceiling tiles specially made and normally carry them in stock.

Are there other ceiling tile sizes available?

Over the last 50 years we’ve seen many different suspended ceiling systems available, ranging from the old 300mm x 300mm concealed grid system through to the 2500mm x 300mm SL2 Plank that are now so popular in corridors. Whatever your suspended ceiling or ceiling tile requirements, even if you think they’ve been discontinued, please phone us as we can often get ceiling tiles specially made!

Do ceiling tiles have a fire rating?  

Suspended ceiling tiles normally fall under 4 categories, Class ‘O’ Spread of Flame, 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute fire rating. However the fire protection a particular ceiling tile offers will also vary dependent upon what ceiling soffit the suspended ceiling system is fixed to, and the edge detail of the ceiling tile.

What are ceiling tiles made of?

The composition of ceiling tiles can be broadly categorized under 4 main classifications, mineral fibre ceiling tiles, soft fibre ceiling tiles, plasterboard ceiling tiles and metal ceiling tiles.

Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles are the most popular style of ceiling tile in the Ireland and are made up of an almost dusty composition. Popular in most commercial environments, they come in a range of sizes, thicknesses, edge details and face patterns.

Soft Fibre ceiling tiles are popular in areas of both high humidity, such as showers, saunas, changing rooms and swimming pools and areas where good sound absorption is required. Aesthetically they normally have a plain white finish with compressed fibreglass like core that come in a range of different edge details.

Plasterboard ceiling tiles are popular in most retail environments where the bright white finish gives a nice clean finish that offers a high light reflectance. Due to their reinforced gypsum core they are both hard wearing and durable and will often support spot lights without the need for additional strengthening. Typically the 7mm or 8mm plasterboard core is covered in a white vinyl front enabling the ceiling tiles to be regularly wiped down and cleaned, particularly beneficial in most commercial kitchens, takeaways, laboratories, workshops and food preparation areas.

Metal ceiling tiles are traditionally one of the more expensive types of suspended ceiling systems and have become increasingly popular due to both their versatility and look. Available in a range of different systems, from clip-in with a concealed suspended ceiling grid to lay-in with an exposed suspended ceiling grid, metal ceiling tiles will either come plain for a hygiene finish or perforated, with an acoustic infill for sound absorption.

Whatever your suspended ceiling or ceiling tile requirements, please feel free to phone us and we will be happy to help in any way we can!

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