Ceiling Tiles

If you’re trying to match your existing ceiling tiles, once you’ve established the size, edge detail and width of ceiling grid, please feel free to browse through our website to find the relevant face pattern. On our website, you will find the most popular face patterns for ceiling tiles typically used in ceilings across the country.

However, should you be unsure of the right face pattern, please e-mail us a photo of your ceiling tile on sales@rct.ie and we’ll be happy to identify it for you!!

Replacement Ceiling Tiles offer a complete range of mineral fibre, metal, plaster and open cell ceiling tiles.

Here are some of the most common ceiling tiles used in Ireland:

Tatra is a type of ceiling tile that is very popular and economical and comes it different sizes and edge details.

Dune is used a lot in offices due to its acoustic performance. Also available in different sizes and edge details.

Fine Fissured is in between Tatra and Dune both in price and performance. There are two different types of edge details “flush with the grid” is called Square Edge or “hanging over the grid” is called Tegular

To establish what ceiling grid your ceiling tiles sit in, please measure the exposed bit of ceiling grid (typically white in colour) above your head. Typically the exposed tee grid will measure either 15mm wide or 24mm wide, in order to ensure you order the right ceiling tile for your suspended ceiling.

For further information call our Sales Team directly on (01) 450 3480 or 086 837 3459 or email sales@rct.ie